To Fully Enjoy Your Vacation, Plan On Dining At The Best Restaurants In Miami

Food enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to when they visit Miami. The food culture here brims with fun and exciting dishes. From mouthwatering ceviches and crunchy croquetas to fresh seafood, delectable desserts, and of course, adventurous cocktails, there is no shortage of gustatory delights to keep you full and satisfied.

If you’d like to make the most of your time in Miami, below are some of the classic, signature treats you should definitely try.


It’s very difficult to hang out in Miami very long without seeing ceviche on menus or along streets lined with food carts and trucks. It’s a tried and tested seafood classic that pairs perfectly with an ice cold beer. Fresh fish and shrimp, naturally cooked by just the right amount of acidity and spice from other ingredients, is topped with a fresh leaf of mint for an extra kick of zestiness. It all adds up to a dish packed with palate-pleasing punch for its serving size. Read more on this article:


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