Chefs from the Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami, Amongst Them Captain Jim’s Own Head Chef Wilfred Charles prepared their famous Captain’s Shrimp & Grits for over 400 guests

When someone tells you that Miami loves their seafood, there shouldn’t be any room for doubt especially when they have a dedicated festival in its honor. Just a few weeks ago, the 13th annual Deering Seafood Festival was held in Miami, and what a turnout it had.

This year’s event was particularly exciting as the tickets sold out a day before the actual event. According to the president of the Deering Estate Foundation, Dave McDonald, this is actually the very first time in all the years they’ve been running the festival that they sold out a day prior.

The Fun Friend-Raiser

The concept of the Deering Seafood Festival is a unique one, having been dubbed as a “friend-raiser”. With Caribbean music, unending entertainment, and delectable seafood to keep everyone full and happy, it’s a surefire way to get everyone up and excited. Read more on this article:


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